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Summary 306: Shadows of the Night, Serpents of the Day (2022-10-15)

Giraine Summaries

You headed toward the Arkatzar, soon seeing a giant grey caterpillar attended by a couple dozen of those fungus sprites, who call themselves the Campestri, and are dancing and singing about the Growing and the Taking as they head for the Arkatzar too, at Siphula the Fungus Hag's bidding. They joyfully welcome you joining them, and some of you dance and suig along, and Bog mounts the great caterpillar, riding it triumphantly the last hour or so to the Castle of Black Arkat. The procession goes first to visit Swampspiders now in residence; you go to Ollamor Thundertamer in the fort's centre, and she manifests there by her statue.

“Triumphant heroes return, and much has changed above and below since their exploits here before. Yet I was correct, the Arkatzar has persisted, although we have rebuffed further onslaughts by our foes, new and old. This mist-shrouded land has awakened, and you played no small part in that event, but so have our enemies. Yet I have led the cleansing of this place, now free of its former taint, and have called forth otherwordly protectors from domains I know secrets of, and allies have joined me from this world. What tales do you bring me of the world beyond here, and what intents do you have by your visit?”

Bog tells his version of your adventures on the Boat Planet and Underworld, and she shows a little sign of being impressed.

“Fascinating tales indeed. You must have met fascinating entities upon your grand quest, which was of such broad portent that all of Glorantha took part or took notice. Now the question is, what will the Hero Wars of this Third Age bring? There is a struggle to be played out, maybe one last time, here on Giraine. But there is more, greater events yet to come, that may draw you in. If that comes to pass, it will be fascinating. So I will help you.”

She stares suddenly at Boamund- “Also fascinating. Your third eye has opened, and you will never see the world the same again.” She glances at Orsattus and Bog. “It is best if you go elsewhere whilst I conduct private business. The shrine to your demon god, trollkin, is yours to use. Long ago, your kind mingled there with mystics of Arkat the Destroyer; sometimes in peace.” [with a hint of distaste]

Bog goes and freely prays at the Zorak Zoran shrine, attended by the fearsome Scorpion Demon of Crolar. He calls to Zorak Zoran, telling his tale of heroism with the Boat Planet quest, and asking to become a Death Lord, whether now or by a new quest. Zorak Zoran's face manifest on his statue's, and He explains that a quest does await Bog, he has sent one of his demons (a former Death Lord) nearby and if Bog continues his journey he can face it as final proof of himself. Bog is very pleased. Orsattus, wandering the perimeter of the fort to explore it, hears some of the ensuing commotion and comes looking for an explanation as Bog leaves the tower, but he is given none.

Meanwhile, Fraud and Boamund meet with Ollamor. “Welcome to Illumination, Boamund. I can advise you on applying its insights, as to proceed with this new way of thinking is hazardous without guidance. Much so, you both will lead your friends on more heroquests, I am sure. The Arkati way is to tread these paths gently, as they are very dangerous to realms of myth and men. You are charged to protect them against our foes, of Chaos and Godlearners and more. Then you have your own life-path as an Arkati, for such will you be evermore. You should not proceed on this path without guidance. An Arkati is no hedge-wizard. I can give some guidance, in return for a pledge of adherence to our ways. Then you may plot your path, whether to strictly follow an aspect of Arkat, a school of his thought, or a leader of Arkati that has special secrets. Or even a faction that wields these powers politically. I care not. I care that you do not stray from the path of wisdom and honour. If you make this pledge to me that you will adhere to Arkati principles that I teach you, then there is more to learn.” Boamund so pledges. “And Fraud, you are growing lax in your Arkati ways, you need a 'refresher'. If you continue questing for this Froalar essence, you will need to do so with utmost respect.” Fraud agrees.

The two get some lectures in Arkati philosophy. Then Ollamor opens her Grimoire of Arkat Chaosbane, offering you one sorcery spell each: Boost Shade, Project Darksight , Sense Theist Magic, Sense Godlearner, Sense Uz . Fraud chooses Project Darksight, Boamund chooses Sense Uz.

Fraud, pulled aside: “Tell me, have you met the one I told you of ?… Then you will need their help. Seek them. They had reached me, and I see that they can be of use.”

             Fraud remembers, a bit bashfully as he'd forgotten her words, that this refers to Mularik Ironeye, who fits that description. Ollamor says she does not know where he is, but not on Giraine. Fraud says he'll try to find him.

You ask of 'Location 11' and the vision Fraud had. She mulls this briefly; with caution in her voice, proceeding to say: “In my time there was a holy place, which dated even before my time but beast-people would pay homage there. We did not go to this place, but yes, it is there to the north of here. I wonder, indeed… there have been more people crossing these lands of late. I did not see their nature, but some headed that way. Be warned, though: at the end of my Age, great magics were wrought there, of the Shattering itself, and there is no doubt that they would still linger.”

Olamor asks if there is anything else she can aid in. You think and think. Boamund feels like there is something important… there are swampspiders here, and you'd wanted to talk with them…. Ollamor grows impatient, then finally Boamund remembers-there was some 'spider monument' or something out here. Fraud thrums the spiderwebs, asking of this, and the Swampspiders thrum back but seem reluctant to say too much, preferring that they ask Ollamor as it will bind them to their faith (“bind” here having a weblike connotation, too). Ollamor responds, “Spiders do not raise stone monuments, but they can make allegiances with those that can. The monument you speak of is north of here. The swamp-spiders view it as sacrosanct. Arkati that know of deeper secrets know that it can direct you to an area where a forgotten path may be entered, which leads to the waters underground, and a heroquest that would bring back the rivers from their depths of hiding. But this path is not open to anyone yet. Other events must happen to make its ways navigable without disaster. First, the lands must have some new freedom. Too much strife unsettles this fragile land. Second, the most hated foes of the swamp-spiders must be utterly defeated. Somewhere there is a large nest of their monster-queen. The swamp-spiders seek it here in this land, so far without further clues. Third, and how important this is I do not even know, there is a greater queen that schemes to dominate this whole land, not just feed wantonly. I have heard talk of her from my newest allies here, and it is thought her stronghold lies in canyons well to the southwest, but this is sure to be of immense danger. I had warned you before that you must re-unite your saints' weapons as a hero-band. Do not confront that sinister queen without them. If you defeat her, this land should feel more peace and that may aid your quest by the monument. That is what I think, but on that last point I am not sure.”

Aha! So you have work to do… And the two of them must keep this monument information private, even from their comrades. By the spiders' descriptions, this monument seems to be at/near 'location #13'.

The party reunites and heads out that night after a brief rest, assuming that the night is the safest way to go. It turns out not to be safe at all for Orsattus!

You consider going toward #13 but opt to continue to #11 instead; Bog's 'journey' seemed this way, anyway. And so it was. Orsattus did his best to see in the darkness, maintaining his Sense Heat spell. You venture into a bone-strewn area and are not sure what bones you're treading on and around when suddenly spirits start manifesting and there is a clattering of two Uz skeletons rising from the bones. One spirit is a spectral Uz-wraith with a spirit-mace; another is a screaming, insane, enraged, flaming demon of Zorak Zoran! As they come together and approach, you cast magics and prepare. Bog throws a set of powerful spells. A big messy combat begins!

The demon has a hard time spotting Bog, who is mostly invisible with his Darkwalk spell. So he instead throws some Fear spells on Fraud and Boamund, largely rendering them ineffective (at first running away terrified but Orsattus calms them). The skeletons are initially held at bay by Boamund's shield, until Boamund gets terrified. They then go after Orsattus and Bog. Boamund faces the wraith and destroys it quickly before this. Now a stalemate continues for a while, with the skeleton and demon mostly ineffectually clawing and biting at Bog but Bog having some very bad luck trying to harm the demon, who has conjured a Shield spell of hot coals. Fraud casts a Guard vs. Chaos spell but nothing here is Chaos. Bog is struck by a Fear spell too, but brought to his senses too by Orsattus, and then he goes Berserk, charging back into the fray! Orsattus gets terribly wounded by the skeleton until Fraud casts a Light spell around you, so Orsattus finally can see, and slowly Orsattus whittles down the skeleton and slashes in its skull. Then at last, Bog strikes a mighty blow to the demon and it shrinks away to ash, howling in fury-Bog has won!! But it has been a very costly fight. [party luck pts = 0!]

You hike back toward the Arkatzar but Fraud gets disoriented and you lose much time wandering, yet finally stumble across it, and collapse, exhausted and wounded, inside. You wait over a day (now into day 9) to recover before heading again toward #11.

Fraud and Boamund work together that morning. You finally notice a hill near a cliff on the northern side of this region, overlooking the Fosnoir, and approaching you see that, near the top of the hill along a winding path, there are great snake-wrapped pillars and copper gates, with torches lit outside. There are some figures up there, some mounted and some on foot but the mists obscure them. However, more immediately your attention is drawn to the foot of the hill, where a group of people are clustered, shouting up to those on the hillside. Boamund sees that some of the mounts on the hill have antlers. The people below have Seshnelan heraldry, with many beast motifs amongst them, and they are all well-armed, with one on horseback. All are lit up by magics. You take cover, discussing a plan, and come up with the idea to wait out their magics' expiration, as Fraud cannot see much about their magics as something blocks the Soul Sight he casts. You can make out that the one on horseback is a Talar; a 'Leader of Ten' for this 'Cell' (10 people) of the Seshnegi military, and thus Rokari. After you take positions, the two groups at the hill speak more, then four of the foot soldiers come you way warily. But not warily enough!

You spring your ambush. Bog sneaks skilfully around and knocks out the Snake Horali of the Martial Beast Society (a woman in a snake helmet). Others kill two of the Bear Horali there, but one escapes with his Haste spell, wounded by one of Orsattus's envenomed crossbow bolts. Then the other Seshnelans come rushing in, their Talar showing expert alertness and leadership. But not good enough! As he charges, Orsattus curses his horse with Demoralize and the Talar is forced to abandon it, coming on foot and drawing his glowing iron broadsword. The others follow behind, with two Bear Horali and then four fanatical Boar warriors. You wait for them in a clever tactical formation and are aided by the impeding powers of Iphara's Fog here; these warriors are not nearly as skilled as you. So you drop them quickly, most very bloodily. The Talar challenges Boamund to a duel in the name of 'the Horse Man Galanin“ but is killed soon by Bog, who won't have it that an iron-wielder is there and wide open for him to kill. It's all over fast enough. You capture the Snake Woman and Fraud heals her enough to bring her around for interrogation. She stubbornly refuses to tell you much, but under duress (and after surrendering, which you all accept, some reluctantly). She has long bright green-dyed hair, with serpent-head-helm and crocodile-hide armour; bearing a shortsword, target shield and light crossbow (with envenomed bolts). She is of the Snake War (Martial Beast) Society of Seshnela, revering “Snake Woman”, called Loronaga, of the Seshnelan region of Laranessa (this Loronaga must be a Seshna Likita aspect/fragment, Fraud figures). They came here seeking the Likita in the name of King Guilmarn, who seeks pieces of the Serpent Crown, and they believe one is inside. She won't say more, relaxing into her status as your captive and expressing bitter dismay that you have slaughtered her comrades with cowardly tactics.

You go to the bottom of the hill and call up to the Pralori, who you can see better from there, and who have been watching the battle with keen interest. One says that yes, you may come up and talk with them, expressing no disapproval of your fierce battle. And we'll pick up there on Friday, with plenty of talking and then some more action! Epic action, I'd say…


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