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Car Manston Campaign

The Chase (2024-03-11)

So : Herbie leads the Ogre on a merry chase

Dances discovers Orcs are much easier to kill than hobgoblins, for whom physical damage doesn't really seem to matter : they need to be completely broken before they stop.

The merry chase ends with Herbie leading the Ogre into an ambush, and William duly obliges with some great spear work. but an attempt to befuddle the Hobgoblins appears to enrage them and they charge Kerr who flees, saved only by his pot-helm as they storm towards him.

Cave Mouth (2024-03-04)

There is a stand-off at the cave mouth: Ogres Orcs and Goblin archers make it impossible to enter

The party watch overnight as goblins sneak out for food, and a single orc (healed) sneaks out and dashes off.

At dawn the party follow the orc and he had skirted the camp and set off North-East towards the main orc 'town'.

Following him the party are very lucky to detect a 'Coney' rabbit-man watching them : he speaks limited human but good elvish.

He indicates the orc is hours ahead of them and

  1. There is a population of coney in the woods, but he will not take the party there
  2. The orcs hunt and eat coney, actually every carnivore does
  3. He has a 'brother' (you suspect he has a lot of brothers) trapped in the cave
while talking the party & 'green' the coney hear a big party of Orcs approach

Goblins, then strange huge goblin-babies then organized orc bodyguard around Kro the orc Shaman, with Warg outriders approach.

The Warg nearly discovers William, but Dances uses a spell to distract them and the orcs pass without incident.

Green Coney intimates that Kro makes new monsters from not-quite-dead things

The party wait 15m to avoid any chance of detection and follow the orcs back to the cave

Guerrilla War (2024-03-11)

The party sneak up to the cave/ camp and find it watched by hidden Goblins and patrolled by the Warg. They sneak up to see more but the alarm is raised and a squad of Hobgoblins, Orcs and an Ogre come charging out : the warg races across camp to join them.

The party back off, with Dances hiding up a tree. The warg picks up their trail. Kerr befuddles the warg rider, William impales the warg and the threat is neutralised. The monsters have seen the warg go down and charge towards the party, it becomes apparent that william will not be quick enough to shake them off if it comes to a straight 'run away through the woods'.

Herbie buffs up his speed and travel-through-woods and dashes off to the west singing loudly.

The Ogre gives instant chase, the (rather dumb and much slower) Hobgoblins follow.

Two more sensible Orcs hunker down and hide to assess the nature of the opposition/ check for ambush etc.

Herbie and the Orgre have very different approaches to running through woodland/cover but they are about the same speed: Herbie runs off in a huge circle followed relentlessly by the colossal green orgre.

Dances slides down her tree and cautiously approaches where she last saw the two Orcs.

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